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What colors to wear (or not to wear)

A lot of people approached me weeks leading up to my wedding asking me if they shouldn’t wear a certain color. We are all pretty familiar with the American wedding tradition of a bride wearing white, and guests are supposed to steer clear of it. I was very excited to hear so many of my friends saying “Oh, I can’t wear red, right??”

While this is not necessarily true much anymore, it definitely was in the not so distant past. it was amazing to hear people take an interest in the culture! Indian brides in the past would wear lehengas that were red and gold and it was customary that guests would try to avoid red. However, modern Indian weddings are more color diverse these days. Brides are opting for colors that better suit their tastes. For example, my aunt wore turquoise and I wore maroon! This then translates down to guests as well - the families want the whole event to be as colorful and bright as possible. Some Indian families believe that the brighter the wedding, the more colorful and happy the life of the couple will be in the future.

So, as a guest, you are free to wear whatever color you want and feel confident in! It is important to note, however, in the Indian culture, white is the color of mourning. It is traditionally what a widow or widower wears after the death of their spouse. We would suggest that white accents are totally awesome (like The Travis in our Men’s Shop) but maybe steer clear of an all white outfit. As for the color black, feel free to rock it. I would suggest, however, add some pops of color with design elements or accessories!

It also couldn't hurt to reach out to the bride or groom (a couple months before the wedding, not a week before lol) asking if there are any colors they don't want guests to wear.

The good news is, an Indian wedding is supposed to be bright, colorful, and unifying, so break out that fun colored dress, patterned button down, or rent one of our outfits. An event like this is definitely the place to rock it!

If you need help picking out an outfit or want to get something colorful designed custom for you, let us know and we would be happy to help you out. It’s all about inclusion and we want to help you feel comfortable! Time to party!!

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