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So you have been invited to an Indian Wedding... Now what?

As a non-Indian person, this invitation can be more daunting than meeting someone's parents on the first date. Fortunately for you, it's not actually that bad.

I have had the pleasure of becoming part of an Indian family over the last two years, and all I have to say is that I have not met a more loving and welcoming or family-focused group of people than my girlfriend's family. And I really believe this is true of any Indian family. They just want everyone to feel loved and included. They show love through food, acts of affection, and gifts just like most people, BUT one of the most important things to them is that everyone is happy and feels like they are taken care of. Even though I am just a boyfriend, and a non-Indian boyfriend at that, I always feel like I am taken care of and loved when I am with Sarah's family. They truly are the kindest people who mean the world to me and I would not trade them for anything.

Enough of the side the side story, thanks for letting me get that out. Now, back to that invitation -- I promise I did not forget.

Do not be scared of it. RSVP to it. Put it on your fridge. Block the date(s) on your calendar. Set a reminder for it. Tell your friends. Buy the perfect gift off their registry. Rent the perfect outfit.

There is nothing to be intimidated by or nervous of about this invitation. You will probably know at least one or two other people that will be there, whom you may or may not remember because let's be honest you probably met in college or high school, so how is it really different than going to any other wedding of a friend from college or high school? What you really want to make sure of though is that you are well dressed for the wedding.

Despite what you may think or what you may have been told, there is nothing wrong with going to an Indian wedding and wearing Indian clothes as a non-Indian person. Dressing for the occasion is not cultural appropriation and it will actually be well received that you stepped out of your comfort zone, wore traditional Indian clothing, and want to immerse yourself fully in the culture and celebration. As a non-Indian guy, trust me when I say that they will actually love you more for trying to fit in and participate in the culture. Don't think twice about it and just dance.

So, do not be intimated by the Indian wedding invitation or the squad of Auntie's you may find watching you from across the room at the wedding (if you are not sure what an Aunty is, you may want to Google it - or ask us!). Best to be prepared than scared. They will be talking about you anyway. Just kidding! But, your best defense from them is to wear the best outfit you can find and wear it as properly as you can. Giving them sweet hugs and complimenting their outfit never hurts either.

We hope you find something you'll be proud to be seen in among our collections and if you have any questions or suggestions, please just let us know!



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